Personal Training

Personal trainer and client exercising outdoorsWhy use a Personal Trainer?

The answer is simple, RESULTS. People approach personal trainers for many reasons. You may be finding it hard to lose weight, have low self esteem, lack the energy to really enjoy your daily life or you may just spend hours in the gym only to find yourself getting very little in return for your efforts. A good personal trainer will make sure that you achieve your goals. 

Every client is individual with different requirements. All training programmes are designed specifically for you. Your own unique training programme takes into account your daily routine, your home and work commitments, your likes and dislikes. Everything in the programme is tailored towards success and making it really happen for you.


What are the benefits of a Personal Trainer?

  • Achieve your goals - Together we will agree achievable and realistic goals to work towards.
  • Motivation - I continually provide the encouragement and support needed for you to reach your goals, however challenging they might be.
  • Fun - Exercise does not have to be boring, with your own personal trainer it can be enjoyable and rewarding.
  • Progress - Your progress is continually monitored and reviewed to ensure that you get the most out of your training and your efforts are not wasted.
  • Coaching and support - I am there to help you every step of the way, not just on training days. With expert knowledge of exercise and fitness, nutrition and weight management advice you have the perfect formula for success.

I can train any level of ability from beginner to advanced, and get the results that are important to you.

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