"In 2010, I was scheduled to have weight loss surgery, however I luckily saw the light & decided I could do it myself - lose weight & get fit in the process, but this time for life! So I looked for a personal trainer & stumbled across Paul's website. So I dropped him an email & arranged to meet him. In August last year I started out with Paul, initially very apprehensive about what I had gotten myself into, but with his help, constant support & advice, I have achieved & surpassed many goals. I have with Paul's help run a 5k & am now scheduled to run a 10k, not bad for someone who always hated running at school. But his faith in my ability to achieve what I think is impossible, becomes very infectious & with his continued help, advice & words of wisdom, I am not only much fitter, have more energy but am stronger & more determined. Each session with him is unique, his ability to keep me focused even on days when I doubt myself, makes me smile. I have so much to say thank you to him for, but mostly for helping me to achieve a phenomenal weight loss to date & for making me determined to achieve more.... I cannot recommend Paul Clarke highly enough" Alison


"At 44 the joy of getting on the scales to find you are the same weight as you were when you were literally half that age is immeasurable. To know that you are fitter and more toned than ever before is equally satisfying. I would never have achieved this without Paul's expertise, care and support. My goal was simply to tone up and lose a little weight but I have exceeded all my expectations. Paul's calm, confident approach, motivation and ability to take me way beyond my exercise comfort zone has been and continues to be exactly what I require. I would highly recommend Paul's services to anyone" Angela, Preston Bisset


"Having resisted the idea of a personal trainer I finally succumbed to my family's wishes and started training with Paul ten month's ago, and I cannot believe the difference he has made to me. I'm in my mid sixties and have had knee operations as well as having back related problems and he has worked through these, taking care to listen to me and design a suitable programme. I think he has given a lot of thought to what I needed and with encouragement and continual support he has bulit up my strength and mobility, and with that my confidence. I always look forward to my sessions with Paul and would recommend him most highly" Carolinda, Ambrosden.


Testimonials"I was getting married in September 2009 and I wanted to lose some weight. Not only to fit into my wedding dress, but to feel really good on the day. Paul gave me exercises that suited me and focused on areas of my body I had particular problems with. I lost over two stone, my dress fitted perfectly and I felt amazing. I couldn't have done it without Paul's continual support. Even when I wavered he didn't!"            Zena, Bicester.


Testimonials"For a marathon runner the careful and well managed build up of the relevant musculature around my operated knee has been totally key in my return to running. Paul not only very skilfully achieved a good recovery from the operation but subsequently also contributed crucially to bringing back the necessary strength in my legs and general fitness needed for my marathon training. I am now able to look forward to training for my next marathon. Paul's calm and well balanced approach to things is what is needed to reach and maintain fitness levels which are just right for one's requirements"    Daniel, Oxford.


"As a regular gym member I spent months putting in the effort for very little reward. After just a few sessions with Paul I could really notice the difference. With Paul's help and advice I am now fitter and stronger than ever before. My mobility, flexibility and energy levels are also much improved. The scheduled sessions really help me stay motivated and committed to my training. Paul has helped me shed the excess pounds that I needed to and I am now looking forward to running my first half marathon. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone" Craig, Banbury. 




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